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This is a very important aspect of any marketing campaign as once your feed is accepted you can sit back and enjoy all the new traffic.

Many businesses are now using this tool to bring more traffic to their website. Apa itu RSS?

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This allows visitors the ability to read all the feeds on one website or even on their desktop by way of a RSS reader. Save to Library. Sentiment analysis is the procedure by which information is extracted from the opinions, appraisals and emotions of people in regards to entities, events and their attributes. Opinion plays essential part in our information-gathering Opinion plays essential part in our information-gathering behaviour before taking a decision. Sentiment analysis involves analyzing datasets online News, online review, social media, blogs, and discussion groups which contain opinions with the objective of classifying the opinions as positive, negative, or neutral.

In this proposed paper, a technique is used to perform online News sentiment classification based on a linguistic approach. The proposed work uses SentiWordNet to calculate overall sentiment score of each sentence. Really Simple Syndication RSS or Rich Site Summary is a Web feed format used for publishing frequently updated content on the Internet, such as blogs, news, audio and video in a standardized format. The semantic score of subjective sentences is extracted from SentiWordNet to calculate their polarity as positive, negative or neutral. Subjectivity of a document strongly depends on its sentences.

Hence, a lexical-syntactical approach is proposed to recognize and classify subjectivity at the sentence level. The results indicate SentiWordNet could be used as an important resource for sentiment classification tasks. Sentiment classification has become a very popular task in natural language processing area, which tries to predict sentiment opinion, emotion, etc. Sentiment analysis has now become the dominant approach used for extracting sentiment and appraisals from online sources.

Subjectivity analysis focuses on dividing language units into two categories: objective and subjective, whereas sentiment analysis attempts to divide the language units into three categories; negative, positive and neutral. Opinion Mining can be defined as a sub-discipline of computational linguistics that focuses on extracting opinion of persons from the web. It is a Natural Language Processing NLP and Information Extraction IE task that aims to obtain feelings of the writer expressed in positive or negative comments by analysing a large number of documents proposed by the example of a journal article in [1].

It combines the techniques of computational linguistics and Information Retrieval IR.

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Many news-related sites, Weblogs and other online publishers syndicate their content as an RSS Feed to whoever wants it. RSS takes the latest RSS takes the latest headlines from different Web sites, and pushes those headlines down to your computer for quick scanning.

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It is a simple way to share information between sites mostly based on XML. Content mining in the Web is the mining of text, pictures and graphs of a Web document to determine the relevance of the content to the search query. This paper is an attempt to have a detailed survey about RSS, its characteristics and its role on blog mining.

Besides, determining the matched location is costly. In this paper, we introduce a RSS-inconsistency avoidance localization scheme, which takes linear-time. Our scheme is applicable to real sensors. Our localization error in real sensors is less than 0. According to the simulation results in NS-2, our scheme is more accurate and reliable than existing schemes.

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The paper also aims to communicate the design and technology behind the development of this service. The respective RSS feed links were handpicked from journal web pages. The same was presented in a user-friendly interface. Findings — RSS feeds from electronic journals can be used as a CAS tool to serve frequently updated information to the desk of the users. Himmelfarb Web 2. Himmelfarb Health Sciences Library adopted many Web 2.

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This poster presentation highlights the features and tools in each Web 2. These library services include blogs, really simple syndication RSS feeds , Camtasia tutorials, LibGuides, a multi-database search tool, and Facebook. News Diversity and Minority Audiences. Where Are the Academic Jobs? Text Mining: Sentiment analysis on news classification. Nowadays, the emphasis on Web 2. Protocols like RSS Really Simple Syndication allow users to get structured web information in a simple way, display changes in summary form and stay updated about news headlines of interest.

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