Essay on building castles in air

I am supposed to be writing an essay for my application to graduate school.

Essay on castles in the air

Instead I am sitting in front of the computer, drinking my hot coffee while listening to Jeremy Camp on Pandora. I have been trying to write this stupid essay for a week now. So far I have a paragraph, and I am thinking of deleting the whole thing! That I like school and psychology, so it makes sense to pursue it at least until I have a better idea of what I am going to do.

But I have to now, I already paid for the application and official transcripts. Pero no me gusta…. Dear Friend, You want to pursue an education that allows you to see the world in a different lens.

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All of your interests are built around stories. Go to your favorite place in the US, turn off the music, and just write. Write about all of your hopes and dreams. Take something inspiring to read if you have to, like your favorite news article or The Bible or an essay or even a pretty picture. And just write. We will write a custom essay sample on Castles In The Air or any similar topic only for you. There are still others who undertake hazardous journeys on the uncharted ocean.

Thornbury Castle Essay

Some of foolishly expose themselves to frost-bite and other inclemencies of weather simply to be called conquerors of snowy peaks but the thrill-which these practical men get fails to stir their soul. Even if they simply profess, it transports them to some ethereal pleasure, no sensible person who experienced the vast range of vicarious pleasures would believe them. In fact he who knows how to build castles in the airknow what the secret of perennial pleasure is, and which never gives one a feeling of satiety or frustration Much has been said in praise of the warriors who by their barbarian exploits conquered their so-called invincible enemies.

But is it not a fact that these conquerors could never lead a life free from the fear of being over-run by some braver and more crafty warrior or soldier. Did not Aurangzeb subject his father and brothers to most inhuman treatment simply to become the unchallenged emperor of India? Had they been contended with such conquests they might have not got a few pages in history read by bespectacled scholars, they would have, at least, remained unchallengeable masters of their domains. After all what does it matter to a person whether people talk well or bad of him after he is dead Then why expose ourselves to the smoky hazardous battle-field?

Is not our unconquerable fort which is not to be defended by death dealing weapons better, it is in this world that intrigues find little head way.

Building Castles In The Air

No doubt achievements give us a sense of fulfillment and a feeling of joy. But this joy is seldom or never in proportion to our efforts. Naturally all our plans and the pains taken in executing them head to insignificant pleasure, Not only that, This pleasure is not lasting.

It is bound to result in frustration if success in one achievement is not followed by another. A part from that we may think that we have done something remarkable but others might not. This will prick the bubble of our pride and pleasure; the appreciation is whole hearted it might be only of section of people whose opinions we value the least, Then the fear of not being up to the mark also dissipate the pleasure we are likely to get from doing something concrete.

Do not build castles in the air-moral stories | Educational Wealth

And the period preceding our success is a period of great tension. In fact what we do by building casdes on the earth is not to please overselves but to please others.

We work as salves and not as masters of our souls. If still some think that there is no pleaSure in idle dreams let them think so, It is a matter of opinion, and if we claim to be civilize we should not grudge them the right to entertain worn ideas. Above all pleasure is completely a personal affair.

When it becomes a community affair, as the pleasure from concrete achievement is, we may call it anything else, but to call it pleasure would be misnomer. Nevertheless they who are earthy are contemptuous of day dreamers.