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He does a first-class Job of showing passion when Twitch speaks of cars, as well. This may have been the most rucial part of the role of Twitch. The actress who plays the Warden does an excellent job in every aspect of that role. According to TheBespectacledLibrarian.

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Two more characters were represented in both the book and the movie. These two are represented with great detail in the book, and the movie does an excellent Job of staying true to their appearances. Much of these two characters appearances is through expression, not physical form. For instance, a good casting of Kate is an actress that can go from being a simple school teacher to a cold-blooded killer in the matter of one scene.

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An actor who plays Sam the Onion Man must be able to play the charming man that wins over the teacher. Dule Hill, who plays Sam, does a satisfactory Job of this in the film adaptation.

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One last character was Madame Zeroni. Eartha Kitt, who plays Madame Zeroni, does a very convincing role of the woman who ast the spell on the Yelnats family. The ways in which majority of the actors play their roles and represent their characters enhances the films overall effectiveness. Of all these roles, only one was unsatisfactory when compared to the character in the novel. The current day plot in the film had many similarities and differences when compared to the original book by Sachar.

These plot changes made the movie a good adaptation due to the fact that many were minor and would have added many unnecessary details to the plot. There are many miniscule details in the plot that are changed in the movie for differentiating reasons. In the book there is a character by the name of Sarah Miller, she is the wife of Elya.

Essay on "Holes" by Luis Sachar

In the movie the writers neglect to mention her existence. Something else that occurs in the book is an incident between Stanley and Zigzag. Zigzag hit Stanley on the head with a shovel and he gets a large gash. This gasn Is tnen Danaagea Dy Mr. In the movie, Squid is the attacker and Stanley is still the victim. One final small detail that changes from the book to the film is when Stanley reaches the mountain. In the book he struggles to find water and must dig to reach it.

In the movie, there is a stream that he and Zero drink from. This, obviously, means that no digging is required. If they were to dig for water it would have taken up time in the movie and would have dragged the movie on. All major points in the current day plot, however, remain true to the novel. In both Stanley is sent to camp and cures his family curse, along with all other major plot points. Staying this true to the plot helps make this film a good adaptation to the book.

This story also has an abundance of flashbacks that add validity to the plot of the present day. The representation of these flashbacks in the movie was satisfactory due to the fact that the movie included all vital flashbacks, only changing details in them.

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These flashbacks occur in the film as well as the original book written by Sachar. Unfortunately, in the film adaptation there are a few flashbacks that cause this movie to incorrectly represent the book. For instance, Stanley Yelnats has flashbacks of being bullied when he was back home. This is mentioned in the book to help show that he had a tough social life, but the movie does not show these flashbacks for some reason. Although the film does include these flashbacks, it makes a few mistakes in detail when mentioning these flashbacks.

For example, when Sam and Kate kiss in the book they are outside and it is raining. In the film when they kiss it is inside the school house and it is not raining outside Another flawed flash back including these two characters is when Sam is hot. In the book when he is shot they are both out on the boat together; in the film Sam is alone in the boat, but Kate is by the shore and witnesses this murder. Their friendship intensified as they spent long afternoons together, Sam revamping the extremely dilapidated school house and Kate marking her students papers.

Sam and Kate thrived on the modest conversations they had, it seemed they were the only two that understood each other.

Sharing stories and poems they grew exceedingly fond of each other, before long the schoolhouse looked immaculate however for Sam and Kate this meant goodbye. Sam was killed. For the remainder of her life Kate was filled with a hunger for vengeance. She lived out her days killing and stealing, her hatred and repugnance to society unrelenting, forever fighting for Sam.

In the end Kate conceded herself to a slow and painful death to escape from the perpetual pain in her heart, to her she was already dead the day Sam had passed away, there was no life without Sam, just an existence.

Holes Book Report Essay

From the very beginning Sam and Kate nurtured one another, trying to mitigate the quandaries in their lives. The author has used Sam and Kate as a paradigm of the dedication, diligence, love and affection that grows with friendship and the vital impact it can have when facing tumultuous times. More essentially Stanley and all the other boys of tent D were expected to confer any of their findings to X-ray, the longest sufferer and resident of Camp Green Lake. Then you get a whole day off, instead of just an hour or so this afternoon. Stanley had suggested to X-ray after he imparted his finding. For the first time Stanley felt he was accepted and a part of X-rays entourage. For the present, I am taking charge of the camp. Pendanski , another camp supervisor. He is assigned to Tent D, where he befriends his tent mates and slowly learns the ropes of surviving in the harsh conditions of the camp: terrible food, limited shower time, an uncomfortable bed.

Stanley becomes particularly good friends with a small but tough boy named Zero , whom we later discover is Hector Zeroni, a descendant of the woman who cursed the Yelnats family. Stanley and the other boys are forced to dig a hole every day, five feet deep and five feet wide. The work is exhausting, especially in the shadeless heat of the day, and potentially dangerous: the lake is populated by yellow-spotted lizards, whose venom is strong enough to kill a person. The boys are told that the digging will teach them to work hard, and eventually facilitate their rehabilitation into society, but in reality, the Warden has a hidden agenda.

She wants to find the treasure stolen and hidden by infamous bandit Kate Barlow. The sad story of Kate Barlow is revealed later in the novel, although we learn early on that she is the one responsible for robbing Stanley Yelnats' great-grandfather of his stock market fortune and plunging the family into financial difficulties.

Shortly before that time, when Green Lake was still full of water, Katherine Barlow was a beautiful young schoolteacher who fell in love with a black man - an impossible match, given the racism of the era. Her lover Sam was killed after they were caught kissing, and Kate became mad with grief, going on a killing spree that started with the sheriff and expanded into a career of banditry and murder.

She earned the nickname "Kissing Kate" for kissing each of her victims with a full mouth of lipstick, leaving the mark of her lips on their skin.

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  • Legend has it that she left a great treasure buried somewhere in the desert before she committed suicide. Zero eventually runs away from the camp, and a couple of days later Stanley steals the water truck and drives a short way before crashing the truck and following Zero on foot. Stanley finds Zero under an overturned and abandoned boat, eating the decades-old leftovers of the peaches that Katherine Barlow loved to make.

    Since Zero is the descendant of Madame Zeroni , Stanley - although he does not know it - has the chance to put things right and break the curse that has plagued his family for generations.