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They all agreed it was worth it. Afterward , they all agreed it was worth it. Denise decided to stop doing her homework.


She failed freshman English. Consequently , she failed freshman English.

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Last night, I had a vivid dream I was living in Paris. I went online and booked a trip. As a result , I went online and booked a trip. Balance is key here. You don't want your writing to sound like a long string of transition words. Rather, sprinkle them in wherever appropriate. They'll spice up your writing and sew each section together smoothly. You can see how transition words are the thread to the sewer's needle. Instead of having disjointed and clunky sentences, you can smooth out rough edges with cohesive transition words.

As with everything in life, moderation is key. Sprinkle these words only where it seems obvious that the sentences or paragraphs could benefit from a little cohesion. To tie this list up in a bow, remember one final punctuation note. Transition words are usually followed by a comma. It demonstrates a brief pause between these words or phrases and the connecting idea. Happy weaving! By continuing, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Please set a username for yourself.

People will see it as Author Name with your public flash cards. Purpose of Transition Words It's important to make sure transitional words fall naturally into your composition. Is everything in the correct tense past, present, future, etc. Are the apostrophes in the right places?

Does every sentence end with a punctuation mark period, question mark, exclamation point? Reading the text backwards make you focus on the rules of grammar instead of the flow of the sentence. But before you start using them in academic essays, be very sure you know what they mean in the context of your essay. This is where the dictionary can come in handy. A thesaurus is another valuable tool when writing an essay.

Academic Phrasebank

This repetition is boring for a reader. It sounds a lot better and adds interest to your essay. Visual Thesaurus is a resource that works just like a regular thesaurus, but it also shows you the connections between the words. Once the essay is written, go back through the writing to find any sentences that seem too long or wordy. Break these into two or more sentences.

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If you want to write in another language, you need to practice in creative ways every day. For example, you could start a blog, create fun poems or text a friend.

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  5. Also, look for sentences that are very closely related to one another. If two sentences seem like the thoughts are connected, you can combine them with a semicolon ;.

    Meet up with a friend who is fluent in English or, at least, more fluent than you. This friend can edit your essay and point out any repetitive errors.

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    If they find mistakes that you make often, you will be able to watch more closely for that error as you write future essays. This friend will also be able to point out grammatical or spelling errors that you might have missed. Lang-8 is a free site where native English speakers will correct your writing. In exchange, you correct the writing of someone learning your native language.

    Once you and your friend have both reviewed your essay and marked any mistakes, rewrite the whole thing. This step is important. Just noting that you made some mistakes will not help you learn how to avoid them in the future. By rewriting the essay with the corrections in mind, you will teach yourself how to write those sections properly. You will create a memory of using proper grammar or spelling a word correctly.


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    So, you will be more likely to write it correctly next time. Lastly, there are some fantastic online resources that can help improve your writing. You can rewrite these to make them easier to understand.

    List of Transition Words

    The advice in this post is mainly for improving your essay writing over time. However, if you want a more professional opinion for an important essay, you can also use Scribendi. Scribendi is an online essay editing resource that helps with academic and admissions essays. Learning a new language is certainly an ambitious challenging task. Hopefully, you were able to find one or two tips that you believe will help you improve your essay writing abilities. Good luck! Robert Morris is an essay writer from custom writing service NinjaEssays.

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